Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Best Royal Wedding Photo

Ah wasn't it grand? I loved seeing London decked out in all it's glory. It was lovely to see Westminster in Royal Party mode, it is such a busy place that more often than not, when passing through, you forget to appreciate the architectural grandeur, such a beautiful city we have, I felt very proud to be British yesterday!

Whilst Kate's dress was divine, Williams bungled attempts to place the ring on kate's finger made us chuckle and the Queen remained predictably stoic, the biggest laugh was by far this little monkey....


Ah, a photo speaks a thousand words. What a perfect shot, I expect this little girl will be showing that photo to her grandchildren one day, and chuckling at the joy of it all.

Now, someone really ought to kindly point Eugenie and Beatrice in the direction of a decent stylist, how do these two always manage to get it SO wrong?



  1. aww bless her grumpy little face!!!
    and the sisters outfits omfg - more money then sense.

  2. I sat there glued to the TV for hours....I do love a Royal Wedding (and watched Charles and Diana's so of course had to see Wills married). Wasnt it wonderful!

    Jacky xox

  3. That is totally my favorite royal wedding photo, I laugh every time I look at it. And that one hat should definitely have it's own headline, perhaps appear on talk shows, at least be in the news for a week or so, a celebrity in its own right. Great post and it was a grand wedding.

  4. Sooo funny! Steve said that "William better like Kate, because that ring isn't coming off"! And, "Cinderella's ugly stepsisters"..what the hell? I love what 'vintage violet' said..."more money than sense". So true! But, all in all it was such a magical day. The whole event was just sublime.

  5. Yes. I'm with violet. So funny!

  6. It was a very grand day!

    hld001 swapbot


  7. Awwh i cant agree more! I saw her little face and closing her ears hahahaha, so sweet, I wanted to watch it live but i was working TT^TT anyways im following you now so i hope to see more posts soon!! Ichigoshortcake from sb! xx

  8. Aw, that is the BEST picture! I missed all of the festivities - I slept in. :(

    But I have loved seeing the photo recaps of everybody's (ridiculous) hats!

    ~Sillyna511 following from swapbot!

  9. I am wondering how they got in and out of the car with those hats.

    Didn't you just love this wedding!!!! I could not tear myself away from the TV!

    hugs my sweet friend. xoxo

  10. So cute! I hadn't seen that photo yet.

    Thanks for your offer of your marketing services - I will definitely keep that in mind!