Friday, 22 April 2011

One block later...

I did come home that night and complete another block, I stumbled to bed at around midnight and complained of feeling dizzy, I thought it was the tiredness, but the next morning I had a raging temperature, swollen glands and pounding headache. I slept for 24 hours straight, and this morning I only got out of bed because my body aches too much from lying down for so long.

So now I am toiling with the guilt of not being at work (knowing Simon and my colleagues will take the brunt of my workload),  that my mum is looking after the kids - who are off school for Easter. Ambear has stayed home with me to be my nurse, bless. It's nice her and I have some together time, we don't often get that, my sweet eldest and I.

So here is my block... extremely wonky.



I may be absent from this space for a couple of days whilst I mend. Wishing you all a most wonderful Easter <3


  1. It sounds like this poorly sickness is your body forcing you to have a break for a few days. Go with it. It's no bad thing (well except for being sick - that is truly the worst, and it always makes me cry).
    Hope you feel better soon and enjoy the weekend with your loved ones.

  2. Awww, I surely hope you feel better soon! It's hard burning the candle at both ends! You gotta force yourself to get some rest. I love your block...so pretty and colorful! Take care and get well soon!

  3. Beautiful colors and patterns in your block. I hope that you can get the rest that you need, and that you feel better SOON! Happy Easter!

  4. me. oh. my. you best rest up
    'cause there are some dancing
    tunes coming your way . . .
    hope you are on the mends.
    :* )

  5. Hello...last time I dropped by your were still in France, so it was a lovely surprise to receive your comment...thank you.
    I hope you make a very speedy recovery...it is horrible to feel that way. Try not to stress. x

  6. Your block is very pretty! Feel better soon and have a happy Easter!

  7. Have a bright and joyful Easter Monday my friend xxx

  8. Hope you are feeling better now Tallulah. Sounds like your body needed a rest - sometimes it just feels so hard to slow down, but we have to do it occasionally. Easier said than done though!

    Anyways I am not making much sense and my eyelids are getting heavy - so off to bed for me.

  9. Brilliant....great to see the cutting mat and ruler out! Your blocks are coming along beautifully. What gorgeous, gorgeous colours. Your girls will be fighting over this quilt (or going to have to get even busier making more).

    Hope you are over your nasty bug.

    Jacky xox