Monday, 11 April 2011

Crafty To Do's

I realised just the other day, that I am a perpetual project starter and unfinnisher. I'm not entirely sure that unfinnisher is really the right (or even existant) word, but anyway, you know what I mean. I start things, and don't finnish them. Rather alot, actually. Too much, infact.

Anyhow, this is bad practice I think. Being a busy, working mama to 4, my To Do list is never ending, and I have quite unwittingly created a crafty To Do list to add further weight to my unending sense of being behind. In an attempt to work through it and tie up the loose ends of my stitchy ways, I am committing them to paper and blog, so I can keep track and encourage progress. I was most dismayed to find, upon counting said unfinnished projects, that it is um, quite lengthy.

* Vintage Scrap Quilt
* OMG WTF Banner
* Woven Cloth
* Toiletry bags for Amber and Hazel (started in 2008)
* Christmas Tree Fairy (started in 2008)
* Patchwork Curtain Tie Backs
* Secret project for a special friend 1
* Secret Project for a special friend 2
* Secret project for a special friend 3
* 4 cushion/pillow covers (deadline mid May)
* Elephant bag from Wee Wonderfuls book
* Embroidery (started in 2008)

Now, this list does not include the mending pile, which is another post all together.
So, I concluded I must make a pact with myself to not begin any new projects, until the above list is crossed off.

Then I stumbled upon THIS and I thought I would have a little dig through the scrap bag to see what possibilities might present themselves, and those colourful wee fabric scraps, they were singing to me! Oh yes! All those lovely colours and prints, a wee bit of the fabric from Amber's cushion and scraps from long since made Dotee dolls and what not's, and well those scraps conjure memories, good times and gifts and love and joyful happy happy things.

Such is my willpower, that despite their pleasant song, I said NO to the scraps. Oh I did, I even crossed my arms just so, so that they knew I meant business. I said NO! to them damn it, but they wouldn't listen! Quite before I knew what was happening I was wielding the rotary cutter like a woman posessed and the pile of little rectangles grew, and grew.


Sigh, and so too did the list, by just one more, but rather long winded (I think) project.

* Scraptastic quilt

Have I mentioned that I have never even actually made a quilt? That my entire experience of quilt making consists of the cutting and stitching together of a few paltry strips (which as per the list above remain as such). I am clearly drawn to this quilt making lark, I just need to work out how to find more time to actually make one, and the other stuff, all of it.

For more scrappy scrumptiousness, you should also take a peek at THIS.


  1. Oooh, how could you resist such a pretty pile of scraps?! I wish I had the willpowert to not keep starting things. My list is as long as yours I think...but nothing from 2008 cos I didn't start sewing until 2009 lol.

  2. my to do list is more about housework!! want to swap??

  3. Oh Karen, I have a housework to do list too, I have lots of to do lists, and they never seem to get shorter!

  4. Found you through a pic you posted on Flickr. I love all the colors! I know how you feel with your crafty to-do list. I currently have 3 quilts in progress (one of which is completely handsewn...that's the one I'm actually focusing on now). I also have a kingsized crocheted afghan I started and a baby afghan I finished but never weaved in the loose yarn. That's just the stuff in progress...there's the rag rug I want to make and bought fabric for, cloth napkins, etc... It will never end!

  5. Oh my...after seeing that scrap quilt tutorial, I may have another project added to my to do list also! I'm right there with you girl!

  6. O, Girl, I am so right there with you! I even made it a new year goal to NOT start any new projects until my old ones were done. I am an experienced unfinisher too!

    Y'know, you do have the pile started for the new quilt-that's definitely better than nothing!!! :)

  7. ‘There are two kinds of people, those who finish what they start and so on.’ ~Robert Byrne

    Saw this and thought of you ;-)

  8. I just saw the same quote as Viv, then read your post and thought of it. How funny! Love that scrap quilt. I bookmarked the site, and I've only owned a sewing machine for a month. You know that's going to sit on my crafting To Do list for a LONG time before I'm equipped to handle it, but I love it!