Thursday, 14 June 2012

Ah sweet colour...

I am working on project for a large cloth, more about that later... in the meantime, I need to find larger pieces of fabric. I am used to making small things, so I don't often buy anything larger than a fat quarter, my scrappy stash just isn't cutting it, and seems to be made up of novelty prints (I am such a sucker for a print). I need big cloth and solid colours.

I am hoping to dye a couple of old sheets, but I am also very tempted by the shot cottons by Oakshott Fabrics, so I ordered a sample pack of all 83 colours, 83! It is SO hard to choose just a couple.



Whilst the sample pack is £12.50, you receive a £10 gift voucher to use on your next order, AND the samples are a very generous 2.5" x 5" in size, that's quite a lot of fabric! I couldn't resist snipping off a few wee pieces and stitching them down to one of my scrapplique cloths, to see how they stitch and fray.


The needle just glides through, and the fray is so pretty, I love shot cottons. Now I just need to choose, I am liking the blues and violets most of all. I think I will keep stitching with them a while, see which one's sing to me.

Oh, and I just found this. Glorious colour, good enough to eat, it made me drool on to my keyboard. Chawne is like a rainbow goddess, for sure.


  1. OOOoohhhh I love those Oakshott shot cottons. Have been eyeing them off since I saw them on Completely Cauchy's blog. They are DIVINE and I am sure I *need* some. Maybe next payday???? I love their fat quarter packs etc, but like you I cant decide which I love the most...I want the ALL!
    I have a few Kaffe Fassett shot cottons in plains and stripes. Love them too.
    Off to check out the link for Chawne (love when people put exciting links in their posts).
    Love to you my colourful friend...Do I recognise that thread on the green piece; those beautiful rainbow colours?

    Sending much love,

    Jacky xox

    1. You do indeed recognise that thread! I use it very sparingly, it is really the most lovely thread ever! <3

  2. Hello my sweet friend. How lovely to see you posting again. Am drooling over your fabric samples (what a great idea). And I loved your post about your friend the cow - she is beautiful and a lovely way to be welcomed home too. Very sorry to hear about your beautiful dog passing away. Am sure you provided a special home for her.
    Much love . Dot x

  3. the Oakshotts are heavenly and i love what you're doing with them! also, thanks for the shoutout!

  4. That fabric is gorgeous and I love your sample stitching! What a fun and lively color scheme you've chosen. Picking just a few colors is not going to be easy. Good luck!