Saturday, 18 December 2010

One I made earlier

Ok, these aren't recent creations, but since I not yet been able to take photos of my recent work, here are a couple I made earlier.

The first is my first ever commission, a friend asked me to make a Russian style doll for her daughters birthday, her daughter is called Honey (isn't that the cutest?) hence the name on the front of the doll. I ended up doing it free of charge, it was so nice to make this and I really feel that this particular doll shows a huge improvement with my embroidery skills. This one is also quite a lot bigger than others I have made, around 10 inches tall.



The little baby is attached to the inside of the tummy pocket, so she doesn't get lost.


The second is, to my shame, a ridiculously late Russian Doll swap. Monda was so so very patient, it actually took a year for me to get this to her, which is um, quite pathetic really. These are Monda's photos, thank you Monda for letting me pinch them to show here.



I do not have photos of the sweet little Russian Doll Monda sent to me, as it is in France, but I will share as soon as I am able to take a few pics next time we head over there.

Monday, 13 December 2010

It's Raining Again

Those of you who have been readers for a while will remember I suffered from Postnatal Depression after Bluebelle was born. I did not blog for a long time as a result, it took a while to find myself again.

Since having Bear, it has hit me afresh. It crept up on me like a slow rising tide, and before I knew what was happening, I have found myself stranded again. I sit in bed day after day, sometimes just numb and silent, and often angry and obnoxious. PND is so cruel, it's timing so perverse.
I have decided to be a bit more candid about it this time, more than anything because being creative and posting about it here does actually make me feel better, it is a small achievement in my otherwise mostly unproductive days, and it is something I do for me. I expect cleaning the house or washing clothes is a heck of a lot more productive, but it's not quite as appealing when I am in my darkest moments.

The childrens Christmas list has played on my mind like a double edge sword. On the one side, it is marvellous that I am committed to delivering those hand made gifts because it forces me to drag my sorry ass down stairs and hook up the sewing machine. On the other hand, it has also brought me much anxiety and pressure, and the ensuing guilt as Christmas edges nearer and I realise I am not likely to fulfil all of their wishes, is quite unpleasant.
So, I have made a pact with myself. I WILL make everything on the list, it just might not happen before Christmas.
So far, I have completed Ambers cushion and book bag, the cushion turned out quite well, despite the wonkiness, and the book bag was going swimmingly until I attached the straps, but I might be able to fix that. I have also made a gift for Boo and now need to do another for her and two for Hoozel also. I will take photos soon and share, the days are so dark it is difficult to get a good shot.

I am thankful to have an incredibly supportive network of friends and family around me, and I know with their love and understanding, I will find myself in this fog, it might just take a while. I hope you don't mind me sharing, it is not my intention to turn this space into something dark and gloomy, quite the opposite, I hope it will allow me to shine a little of the light that appears in my otherwise dark days.
Much love and Christmas sparkle to you all <3