Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Long time no see!

I have been a terrible terrible blogger!
Life has taken so many twists and turns that I barely know where to begin....
As you know, I went back to work shortly after Boo was born. It took me to the UK and back weekly, it was Hard with a capital H, and after much deliberation, we made the very diffiult and gut wrenching decision to return to the UK :(

We landed back on British soil in March this year, and have been staying at my sisters 600 year old cottage, in Hertfordshire, whilst we look for somewhere suitable to rent. We are moving to our new house in 3 weeks, in the meantime, I am 45 days short of a fully baked bun, yes, baby number 4 is almost cooked - I have no idea how we will manage with 4, my 4th happy accident!

Our new house is a victorian cottage set beside a river with surrounding fields, and yet just a stones throw from the town. Not as pretty or peaceful as our beautiful French house (which we could not bare to sell, and sits empty awaiting our return), but lovely all the same, and after camping out at my sisters for so long, it wil be awesome to have our own space again.

With 3 kids, full time work and my wayward hounds, there is little time for my creative pursuits, and it doesn't help that all my lovely fabric and bead stash is still in France, oh how I mourn my stuff, not having one's belongings around is somewhat dislocating, don't you think? I even miss my books, and my bed linen and my own kitchen utensils, who would have beleieved that a wooden spoon would make me so nostalgic?
More than anything I miss my home, and whilst I know we are exactly where we are supposed to be at this phase in our lives, it is still hard not to pine, just a little, for our French life and all that went with it.

I shall try and be a good blogger, and post at least a bit more frequently than the average once a year!
If by chance, you are still here and reading, thanks for remembering me and sticking around!