Thursday, 2 October 2008

A Thousand Apologies

It has been soooOoo long, I am so sorry for not updating more often.
The last few weeks have been so very hectic, there have been deaths, births, and massive changes afoot in the Hoola Household, at times, it has been extremely overwhelming.

Before I continue, I want to extend my apologies to those of you who have emailed, I will respond soon, promise! Also to those of you who are STILL waiting for swaps, you have not been forgotten! Also those of you who have sent me sweet treats, I will include you all in my next update. And Jacky, I am SO sorry, your package is sat here on my desk STILL, I haven't forgotten you either!

I will be back shortly with more of the news, but here is what I suspect you have all been waiting for...

On the 14th of September at 12:26AM after a 2 hour labour and just ONE push, our little baby girl arrived weighing 2.9kg.....

We named her Bluebelle, in keeping with our nature theme for the children's names, a sister for Amber and Hazel, 3 girls, oh my!
I should note that she WAS called Bluebell (without the E), but Papa Simon registered the birth and we all know men are crap at spelling!

My little fairy baby even has perfect pixie ears, look!

More photos and mucho news to follow, a million thank you's to you all for your patience and love <3