Friday, 7 January 2011

Time for Tea

Miss Boo got a new tea set for crimbo and a farm, amongst many things. I have gone drawstring bag crazy and have been sewing up wee bags for her toys.
The first is for the tea set, the second is for the farm, but as yet not quite complete.

Both have embroidered reversed appliques, stitched to flowery felt shapes which were then stitched to the main body of the drawstring bags. The embroideries are my own design, and were drawn freehand straight on to the fabric. I am a dab hand at these now, they are so quick to make and I find myself thinking about all the bits and bobs floating about the house that also need a wee bag. Now I just need to buy a ton of hooks to hang these little babies from!

I love the colour combos on these.... ah, sweet colour.





  1. I love the pretty embroidery! You can be creative w/ hooks w/out having to buy any. Just think out of the box. I bet you have something around the house you can use. For instance I have seen people bend and use old spoons as hooks. (i'm not sure how you attach them to the wall. I guess you screw them to the wall.?) But, it's cute.

  2. I have always loved your embroidery and use of color. Wanted to comment on your last post but have had problems leaving comments recently. I wanted to say you are a brave, beautiful soul and I hope you are feeling much better very soon.
    Lots of love
    Dot xx