Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Hoola Fairy's and Mothers Day Treats

Back with more, as promised!
Today is still grey grey grey, but at least it isn't raining, managed to take a few pics, yay!

First up, the Sunday just passed was Mothers Day in France. We already celebrated Mothers day on the UK date in March, so I was spoiled twice!
The girls made these lovely mirrors for me at school, how sweet!

The Hoozel told me that since I already received a Mothers Day gift from her, would I mind very much if she sent the mirror she made to Her Nana Ann, who is very poorly and needs cheering up, so the blue mirror, will be packed up and sent to our dear Nana Ann, I am sure it WILL indeed cheer her up, how could it not? So cute!

Ambear also wrote me a lovely mothers day poem in FRENCH. I was so delighted, not only by the poem, but also that she is coming along so well with this new alien language that has been thrust upon her.
I feigned ignorance and asked her to read it for me and to translate, just so I could hear that beautiful French accent, which she speaks so effortlessly, and so much more eloquently than any adult learning a new language could ever hope to achieve, brought a wee tear to my eye when she read it out loud, she was so shy about it too...

I have been busy making two dolls for two super late swaps, starting to wonder if I will ever catch up! Still, progress is progress and I so enjoyed stepping out of my box and creating something new, I introduce, the very first Hoola Fairy!

Isn't she sweet? She is not much bigger than a Dotee Doll, about 5". The wand is a tiny twig from the garden with felt and fabric.
This one is being sent out as part of the "Where Women Create" Swap I joined a while ago, for which I had to create anything of my liking, and send it off with a little note about where I create, my swap partner has been super patient, I really hope she will like her Hoola Fairy!

I am still putting the finishing touches to another wee fairy, here is a sneak preview...

This one is a touch bigger, and was much easier to make, those arms and legs are sOOoOOo fiddly, I might make an even bigger one next time!

I treated myself to some Berol Felt Tips recently, the fine tip and brush tip. I appreciate felt tips aren't the most sophisticated medium to work with, but I love doodling, and I love the colours of these felt tips, they remind me of my youth!
Here is an A4 doodle drawing I did last night, now pinned in the girls bedroom, they stole it away before I could even blink, only seems fair since I steal away all their drawings to pin on the kitchen wall!

I am looking forward to having more fun with felt tips, a vastly under rated, if somewhat juvenile, medium!

That's all for now, there is still plenty of time to join my Blog Giveaway (see post below), I will probably draw the names this time next week.
Happy Wednesday to you my lovelies!


  1. I love your dollies and super cool drawing. I got a wooden bird for Mother's day (it was back on the 11th here in Australia) which I love and is much cleaner than the ones that dive bomb the front windows demanding more food.


  2. Oh Hoola....

    You never cease to amaze me with your artistic talent!!!!!



  3. Hoola Fairy is just gorgeous!! I'm sure your swap partner will be tickled pink! Thank-you for letting us know that sometimes it rains even in France! Felt tip pens are much underated and new felt pens are up there in the happy making charts with button collecting! I once had a little Satruday job and every week I bought myself 2 Berol brush pens (the REALLY posh ones they had just launched) and I felt so proud when I had the full set. Even now I can't resist a new set of felt pens! Great picture! I'd steal it away too! x

  4. Ohwow. Your hoola fairy is the cutest! Pretty wings...

    My best wishes to your coming baby girl too!

  5. Bloody hell you're clever!!! Seems the little uns are too - what great mother's day prezzies!!!

  6. magicjessnrach28 May 2008 at 23:59

    The fairy is fabulous, well done! I love using textas too, so much fun :) Your girls did a great job with the mirrors too.

  7. Your blog is a constant source of delight to me. Love the mirrors your girls made for you. And how thoughtful of the Hoozel (I love writing her name) to want to send one of them to her Nana Ann.

    Your girls are obviously as beautiful in spirit as you are.

    I adore your Hoola Fairy! She has so much personality. Love her face and the fabrics you have used (yummmmmmm). Your swap partner will love her. The wand (complete with twig from your garden) is the perfect touch.

    And thankyou from the bottom of my heart for your heartfelt email. It brought tears to my eyes and made me feel SO much better. I love you for reaching out to me like that. Special woman you are xoxo.

    I will reply to your email very soon.

    Much love to you - talented and loving friend.

    Dot xx

  8. What sweet Mother's Day treats! And what a beautiful fairy. Her face is so adorable. Oh how I envy your mad embroidery skills!

    And Berol markers are one of my joys - all the colors. Your picture is so fun and happy. I love it!

  9. oooh - just found your blog - it's wonderful - what a lot of lovliness in that post - lovely mirrors, fantastic dolls, beautiful drawing and doodling. I am an addict of berol pens too, but my kids keep taking them on me (I had a totally secret pack just for me for ages but they've found those too now!) and am in teh process of making my first doll - I love the process, it's such fun. Yours are great!

  10. How sweet are the mirrors your talented daughters made you for Mothers Day...
    I love your Hoola Fairy doll - sooo cute and your doodling is amazing, no wonders the girls scampered off with it quick smart for their room.

  11. I haven't been on your blog for a while, and it's great to see all the beautifull things you made. Hope I can keep up now!

  12. I love those fairies! Their expressions and hair styles. I am one of those people that does not understand women who love being pregnant. Hope you get through it ok!