Thursday, 28 February 2008

Weaving a little magic

I have been away a while again, the reason being I am sick sick sick. It has been a major struggle to keep up with general daily chores, let alone the bazillion other commitments I have made, and my blog, swaps and Flickr 365 project have been woefully neglected. It is such a horrible feeling to be so behind with everything :(

I have a pile of washing that is threatening to challenge Mount Everest in height, and the ironing pile, bah, let's not even go there...

Anyways, so much to tell you, and so little time, I will be back soon with all the news as soon as I can drag my sorry ass out of bed long enough to take photos and write it all up, but in the meantime, I wanted to share a little project the children and I did a couple of weeks ago when I wasn't feeling so yuk.

A couple of years ago, we went to the Fairy Fair in Norfolk, England, where we learned to make the cutest fairy wands, and we have been addicted to these ever since.

We normally make them using everything au naturel, sticks from the garden, feathers and what not, but the children received a lovely craft package from their grabdmother, containing an assortment of vibrant pom pom's and bright pipe cleaners, so we had a little fun with these instead....

Instead of sticks, we collected some branches which had fallen from our Willow tree, they were a lovely yellow colour and super pliable, so we braided them into a long wand. Wrapped the lower end in pipe cleaners, which were glued into place to secure them, then threaded pom pom's and pretty foam shapes on to string to dangle from the end.

The point was decorated with a red felt heart for Amber and a felt flower for Hazel, secured in place with more glue and pipe cleaners.

Both the sproglets then decided what kind of magic their pretty new wands would be blessed with (water and moon magic) before skipping off to enjoy some magical mischief.

Needless to say, they played happily all day with their new wands. I tried to follow them around with the camera to get some more shots, but was politely told to "Get lost" as I was interfering with the flow of magic :)


  1. Glad your feeling well and glad your back to the blogging world. Don't worry about being behind swaps and the laundry they will get done sooner or later, other things are more important. Just stay well.

    Love the fairy wands and the last photo is great. It looks magical.

    Jill in Florida

  2. Good to know that you are getting better. I was not sick and my pile of washing can also challenge Mount Everest...so don't worry!!!
    Lovely fairy wands.

  3. You poor thing. I hope you get to feeling better. My husband and I refer to our laundry pile and associated chore as the "Fold War" and that is what it is. A War! Misery and pain follow in it's wake. LOVE the fairy wands, so wonderful!

  4. So glad your blogging again. I can't wait until Rebecca is old enough to make the fairy wands! wish I had known about those for the older girls. Write me when you get a chance. Sena

  5. Hi! hope you're feeling better :)
    By the way, you've been tagged... sorry about that ! Please see on my blog if you have some time, everything is translated :-)

  6. These are the cutest little wands! They look colorful and fun. I bet kids of all ages love them!

  7. Guapa! how are you and the count today?
    I miss you very much, I'm starting my own blog! watch this space..
    Muchos love x

    P.s I heart Ambear and the Hoooooooozel.

  8. These wands are gorgeous... thanks for sharing. When my little neighbours from next door stop by we could make something like this!!!
    Hope you're feeling much better soon, miss your little stories.