Friday, 1 February 2008

Baby it's STILL Cold Outside!

I Finally finished the second winter dotee and sent both little ladie's off to their new homes today. It was particularly hard to part with these two, I especially love the second one I did.

I found a little scrap of blue and cream linen in my fabric stash and so this one is more wintery in colours than the last, and I gave her sleepy "I need to hibernate" eyes, which I LOVE.

I also wanted her to wear a scarf so I gave her a skinny neck and I really like this shape.

I hope they will be happy and loved in their new homes, now I am all fired up to make some more and I certainly have plenty of Dotee swaps to keep my crafting hands busy.

Ambear did this lovely drawing today, I wanted to share it with you. She really loves arty things and clearly has talent. I love how she did the hair on this little girl, I might embroider this image on to something, I think it is really pretty. Children's drawings are so refreshingly simple.

The sproglets are just dying to have their own pony, and with Spring looming and one very large field that needs to be grazed, we are certainly considering getting one now. I love riding and would love to teach my girls, but money is tight right now, so we have come up with a little family project to help raise some funds for a pony, all will be revealed soon!

Also, I was asked in the comments on my previous post what that quilt was behind my dotee... It is actually a wall quilt I bought in a charity auction last year, I paid a small fortune for this, far more than I planned, but I knew I just had to have it, it is so vibrant and beautiful and the colours make my heart sing. Sadly, I never found out who made it. I am still waiting to get it framed.
Here are some photos, you can see bigger and better versions in my Flickr.

Thank you to all of you for coming to read my blog, I love reading your lovely comments and get a real thrill when I see how many of you have taken the time to come and visit and say such nice things.
I am so glad I joined the world of blogging, it has led me to meet some wonderful, inspiring people, and I never cease to be amazed by the incredible kindness I am shown and the talent I find in your own blogs and photos, fankoOOo fankOoOO fankOoOOo!


  1. I am foored by the amazing amount of detail in this lovely quilt! This must have been a HUGE undertaking! it is WONDERFUL!

  2. This was worth it. Seriously you would have been kicking yourself forever if you didn't get it. What a treasure!

  3. You did an amazing job on that little dotee, the detail is phenominal. Beautiful beautiful work! Thank you so much for sharing the whold quilt...it is more lovely than I imagined! I would have bid stupid high too. Good hunting!


  4. That quilt is awesome .
    Love your little doll too !

  5. I love your winter Dotee (what a great embroiderer you are). That colourful quilt is to die for. :)

  6. Wow that quilt is amazing, I can understand why you had to have it. I like the fact that it is totally different from anything that you would normally see in a quilt. Great find!!

  7. I love the little doll, and that quilt is so beautifull!! You are a real artist!! really great!

  8. What an amazing quilt... love all the detail. I would have had to have it too, so pleased you won it at the auction. How big is the quilt (I see you mention you are going to have it framed).
    Ahhh... children and ponies. My two boys grew up with ponies and are still riding (now 22yrs. and 19yrs). Lovely hobby that involves the whole family.

  9. Wow , just luv the dotee...she's just FAB.
    joan in italy

  10. Oh!! I am sure we feel the same about you in blogging land! The wonderful goodness you share and create!!!!

  11. Beautiful quilt - definitely worth a fortune.Pity to the person who made it was too humble to sign it.
    I have made a similar one with a mermaid and should maybe publish the picture in my blog.
    You are right- its wonderful to find all these lovely ideas in the blogs
    You could easily spend the next 100
    years looking at all the beautiful

  12. Your dollie is really lovely. Wonderful colours.

  13. Just popping in to say hi!

  14. Oh your Dotee is just sweet(:) so are your sites-- I'll put you in my favorites(:)thanks for sharing ..Hugs Patty

  15. Your quilt is beautiful !! Is it your own design? Like you dottees to :))