Sunday, 22 May 2011

Brit Quilt Swap & Temporary Drunkeness

I am back from my blogging hiatus, phew!
What a crazy couple of weeks it has been!
Between work, my army of children and a boozy weekend away with the girls (more about that soon) there has been very little time for creative stuffs


It seems somewhat inappropiate that the first photo of myself to be featured on my blog is one in which I am completely hammered, but never mind that.

I have been working on my woven cloth here and there, the scrappy quilt is taking shape and I rather naively joined The Brit Quilt Swap - The old phrase 'To bite off more than one can chew' springs to mind. I am feeling quite overwhelmed by this new project, being as my entire experience of quilt making lies in several wonky donkey blocks that are yet to be stitched together and quilted.

There seems to be so much to learn about this quilting lark and I am trying desperately to educate myself sufficiently to be able to complete one of the damn things. The mere thought of mitred corners makes me feel nauseous. Apparently there is a special tool for this but I took one look at it and made no sense of how you are supposed to use it.

I have made a start by planning (somewhat haphazardly) a design and the fabric line up. This was made so much easier by the recent arrival of a stack of Jennifer Paganelli's Honey Child Fabric (oh joy!) and a bundle of 12 Kona solids which I won in Katy's Blog giveaway (thank you so much!)



So... back to the sewing table I go... see you soon :)


  1. Glad you are back to blogland :-)

    Good luck with the quilt - with those gorgeous fabrics it can't help but turn out great!

  2. <3 the fabrics! I can't wait to see the finished product. Just try to whip it out real quick so you can be done w/ it. I'm a fine one to talk! HA!

  3. hammered!! I like it....

  4. The pattern looks very pretty - and I love the fabric you have for it. Good luck with the project :)