Sunday, 23 October 2011

Things to do on an Autumn day


Head Outside....


Find an oak tree....


Collect some acorn cups, yes, just the cups!


Roll some felt balls...


and pop them in the cups!
We have these hanging all over the house, and boy do kids like to make felt balls.
If you have a minute, collect some sticks too, any sticks will do, and voila, no plastic bobbins required.



To Make Felt Acorns, you will need:

100g of roving wool (any colours)
Acorn Cups
PVA glue
Lots of little hands

1/ Pull the wool apart and gather a small amount, roll it gently between your palms until it forms a loose ball.
2/ Dip the ball in warm water and gently squeeze off the excess, then add a tiny bit of soap to the palm of your hand, and roll, and roll and roll. Gently at first, you will see the soapy felt ball coming together nicely, as it gets firmer you can apply a little more pressure to your rolling.
3/ Set the balls aside to dry. Once dry, paint a little PVA glue to one end and push into the acorn cup, leave to dry.
4/ Dangle them hither and thither from every hook and cranny, make a sweet garland or attach little paper labels to make perfectly prettyfull name settings (we like this one best - a perfect Sunday Dinner special).

To Make the bobbins, take one stick, some floss, and wind.... easy peasy.


  1. Perfect my friend...doesn't get any better than that! xoxoxo HUGS

  2. I've always wondered how these were made! Right, we're making some - thankyou SO much - perfect for the Making Winter project.

  3. I LOVE Your new blog layout and I love even more that you're back! :)
    I love those acorns! Those are the cutest ever!

  4. gorgeous!! great photos and I am loving your posts : ) can't wait to read more xoxo

  5. ooooh, Beck would love to make these little cuties! We need to give them a try. Our neighbor has a great oak tree....hehehe.

  6. I love that you are back also....:)
    While the new layout is very sweet, I did like your old clothesline etc. But progress is good too!
    Love the acorns, thanks!

  7. Love them! I have no idea where the nearest oak tree is, I'm going to have look...

  8. I love the bobbins! So cute, they might make cool Xmas tree decorations too x